CANCAN  .  you are who you are, but let people have a sip.  

CANCAN fuses art/creativity with an everyday product – cans filled with a refreshing and healthy drink.

CANCAN supports galleries, creative events and event organizers by the provision of a non-alcoholic refreshing drink in combination with an art work. Cancan provides support for artists, creative brands and creative event concepts. 

CANCAN sponsors events such as exhibition openings, art fairs, music and dance events and other creative events in different metropolitan cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Zurich, Barcelona and Istanbul.

Cancan produces CANCAN Limited Collector’s Editions

A CANCAN Limited Collector’s Edition (limited 48) displays a certain work/information of a creative person/brand/concept.

CANCAN is a drink and an art object at the same time.

CANCAN presents fields of work such as painting, drawing, illustration, comic, graphic design, street art, photography, video, creative concepts and projects.

CANCAN provides people the opportunity to “taste art” and gives your event the extra X factor.

The drink

CANCAN offers the drinks “Apfelschorle” (a typical german “natural energy drink” - apple juice with sparkling water/no sugar added) and “Hemp Lemon Iced Tea” (black tea with lemon juice, 0,05% hemp flower extract and sparkling water/a bit of sugar added).

-------------------- refreshing – cool – kick-ass – creative – power --------------------